49 Polytechnic Institute

Profile Institute Name Principal Name Principal Type Mobile No Email Action
Bangladesh Institute of Glass and Ceramics Principal 01716237252 principal_bigc@yahoo.com; ayub_bigc@yahoo.com  
Bangladesh Survey Institute Principal 01819181608 bsi65056@gmail.com  
Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute Principal 01815666463 principal.bspi@yahoo.com  
Barguna Polytechnic Institute Principal 01712117219 prin.barguna@gmail.com  
Barisal Polytechnic Institute Md. Ruhul Amin Principal 01911227578, 01558317189 barisal.poly@gmail.com  
Bhola Polytechnic Institute Principal 01714558001 bhpi_2005@yahoo.com  
Bogura Polytechnic Institute Principal 01715360652 bogra_poly@yahoo.com  
Brahmanbaria Polytechnic Institute Md. Abul Kalam Azad Principal 01926022837 bbariapoly@yahoo.com