Home Broadband

SMILE is providing internet service for all customers in home and office. A major percentage of our valued customers are home user. We are always grateful to them and we try our best to serve them the best. From dialup to high-speed broadband we provide the most modern facilities to give them the satisfaction of unlimited browsing. 

SMILE is the first company who touched the nations every corner with its network with fiber optic backbone we have the widest network to serve our client wherever he is. With nationwide spreaded regional support team both we can ensure quick restoration of any broken link. All the nodes are connected through redundant path. So the physical security is ensured. 

We also imply all the modern security technology to ensure the secure path of each individual client we have. 

SMILE as Broadband Internet provider: 

  • Service experience since last 19 years
  • Nationwide remote coverage
  • 14 remote district coverage including 7 Div. HQ
  • Ensuring 2 hrs downtime any remote area
  • Last mile fiber solution
  • Skilled technical resources
  • 24x7 Helpdesk team
  • Redundant secured backbone network 
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