Roaming Facilities

Roaming service is the ability to get access to the Internet when away from home at the price you already pay or at a charge considerably less than the regular long-distance charges. For example, if you normally get access to the Internet from a SMILE provider in Dhaka or Sylhet and are travelling to Chittagong, you can use the internet a designated SMILE provider in Chittagong. Instead of paying long distance charges to your SMILE provider in Dhaka, you pay the new connection charge in Chittagong and possibly a modest additional charge for the service.

Roaming service is made possible through SMILE service providers who have cooperative agreements to grant each other’s customers local access to the Internet. Here's how it works for the user:

  • The Internet user must already subscribe to SMILE that offers roaming service arrangements.
  • In the travel location, the user can communicate the local SMILE provider for entering service.
  • The "local" provider will contact the SMILE and determine that the user is a valid user.
  • The "local" provider will grant the user access to the Internet. The user will be able to access e-mail from the home mail server.
  • The user will be charged at regular rates. In addition, depending on the particular service arrangement, the home provider may levy an additional hourly usage charge of several taka an hour or a monthly charge in case the service is used during that month.

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